External Corporate Hotline
The person who knows the most about the cheating and various absurd acts of the employees is who is around or the victim of the actor.
However, if the organization does not operate their own Hotline or whistleblowing platform, or operate their own Hotline, they often fail to report it due to distrust in the guarantee of anonymity.
Especially, if the whistleblower is inferior in their relationships, or the contents of the report are absolute weaknesses such as in-company sexual violence, the possibility of reporting through the company's reporting channel is even lower.
HM Company provides and external corporate hotline PITO to strengthen the identity protection of the whistleblower and to conduct fair investigation.
Characteristics of HM External Corporate Hotline PITO
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    Report received directly by experts
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    Able to communicate with Whistleblower
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    Joint Audit with Internal Auditing Organization
PITO Operation Screen