Digital Forensic-based Internal Audit

HM Company utilizes digital forensics to perform more effective internal audits.
We offer professional services based on our experiences of fraud and wrongful acts audit and present an effective improvement proposal for leading companies in Korea, including finance, manufacturing, distribution and construction.

This service is available in three types, considering the situation of the company.

  • Enterprise Resident Type

    For companies with a valid internal audit organization, a dedicated HM audit team consists of audit experts resides in the company to provide the following internal audit services.

    • ① Rotational Audit by Department : Detailed Departmental Risk Diagnosis according to Pre-established Audit Plans
    • ② Special Audit Order by CEO : Perform a special audit of urgent issues recognized by CEO
    • ③ Joined Audit with Internal Audit Organization : Support Digital Forensics Evidence gathering activities
    • ④ Investigation on Whistleblowing Cases : Direct investigation of whistleblowing case that requires independent investigator (Sexual Harassment in the workplace, etc)
  • Outsourcing Type

    For companies without internal audit organization or do not have enough auditors, a dedicated HM audit team consists of audit experts conducts audit on a regular basis. (quarterly, half-yearly)

  • Project Type

    For companies that have detected irregularities in their executives or employees through tip-offs or self-inspection, but have difficulty proving them. HM project team of audit experts will be sent in to gather evidence and interview to prove irregularities.