Compliance Risk
Compliance Risk,
Any action or procedure that may cause legal issues, as a result of a violation of business laws or differences in interpretation.
HM effectively diagnoses compliance risks using audit know-how based on Digital Forensics.
Establish a compliance system within the business process and diagnosing risks in advance, and ensure proper internal control function, thereby minimizing the loss and risk of law-abiding.
Compliance System Design Establishment and Operation of an Independent Organization to perfrom Audit/Monitoring from Establishment of Institution/Policy
Compliance Policy Provide Guideline including policies and procedures that employees and business relatives should follow
Risk Assessment Identify relevant risks, assess control status, and set appropriate control functions for vulnerable areas
Training Training of compliance programs and culture spread by position
Continuous Monitoring Minimize loss and risk from overstepping laws, and HM's monitoring system, and monitor by opening Digital Forensic-Based Audit Hotline