DIRC: Introduction to R&D Center
Digital Investigation Research and Development Center(DIRC) is

The Digital Investigation Research and Development Center(DIRC) is established by collaboration of HM Company and Hallym University to study research methods using digital data. DIRC's research scope covers theories and practices in digital research. DIRC is engaged in the following projects to steadily develop internal forensic inspections and investigations based on digital forensics by introducing an open innovation* that actively utilizes knowledge and technology in both directions.

  • 01Investigation Method using Digital Data
  • 02Develop Digital Forensics Solutions

    In order to pioneer and diversify the digital forensics tool market with 95% or more market share of foreign products, we carry out program development projects covering digital forensics process including digital forensics imaging equipment (Hydra), analysis solution (Hyena) and management system (Hiev).

  • 03HM Company Internship Program

    As part of the industry-university cooperation program, we provide full-time internship opportunities for students who major in Legal Informatics and Forensic Science(digital forensics) twice a year in conjunction with HM Company.

Open innovation can be achieved by reducing the cost of innovation, increasing the likelihood of success, and creating efficiencies and added value by utilizing technology, knowledge, and ideas from outside universities, research institutes, and research institutes in all processes of research, development, Is a methodology of corporate innovation that maximizes the efficiency and value-added creation.