Personal Information Protection System Diagnosis
HM Company
inspects the personal information protection system from various viewpoints such as digital forensics for the head office and subcontractor of company

Diagnose Complete Deletion of Personal Information

  • Diagnosis of complete deletion of unnecessary personal information under Article 16 of the ENFORCEMENT DECREE OF THE PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT
  • Check complete deletion through recovery of deleted files for handling PC

Personal Information Processing System Diagnosis

  • Account management and Diagnosis of unnecessary access
  • Checking the existence of unnecessary personal information in the personal information processing system
  • Confirm encryption of password and unique identification information

External Access Record Analysis

  • Diagnose the risk of personal information leakage by analyzing various connection records
  • Analysis of access records such as internet, external storage, etc.
  • Analysis of printer output log(history/record)

Security Solution Log Analysis

  • Analysis of DRM, DLP, and other security solutions
  • Cross-check with records in the handling PC
  • Diagnosis on the operation of security solutions and security policy through empirical test