Investigation in Audit as External Experts
External Investigation under ACT ON EXTERNAL AUDIT OF STOCK COMPANIES, Etc.
HM conducts independent investigations as 'External Experts'

(Enforcement Date 01. Nov, 2018.)

  • If an auditor finds, in performing his/her duties, any wrongful act or any grave fact in violation of statutes or the articles of incorporation concerning a director’s performance of duties, the auditor shall inform the statutory auditor or the audit committee thereof.
  • The statutory auditor or the audit committee in receipt of a notice of a violation of the accounting standards pursuant to paragraph (2) shall appoint an external expert at the company’s expenses and assign him/her to inspect the fact of the violation; and shall request the representative of the company for correction, etc. depending on the findings thereof. The outcomes of the company taking corrective actions, etc. to the Securities and Futures Commission and the auditor.
External Investigation Experts
External Investigation Report
Traditional Paperwork Investigation
  • Request basic documents created and submitted by the company
  • Analysis based on understanding of process
Interview on related person
  • Interview to understand basic information
  • Interview to confirm collected evidence / Secure statement
Digital Forensic-based Audit
  • Digital Evidence Collection based on Digital Forensics
    (Business PC/Smartphone, etc)