Background and Core Value
HM Company

In the company where the ethical management system is established, we have wondered why the fraud / corruption occurs repeatedly and how to respond effectively to the irregularities / incidents.

HM Company

Based on these concerns, I interviewed corporate audit teams of various sizes. As a result, I noticed that the members of the audit team are working in a harsh environment, and that only the audit team has difficulties in maintaining their independence.

  • 01
    "Lack of Audit Personnel"
    Even companies with sales of a trillion-won have only a few auditors. It is hard to expect effective audits due to heavy workloads of the organization. In addition, depending on departments, they underwent audits only in every few years, and it is only limited to conventional interviews. The staff of the audit office knew this limits, however, it was inevitable because of lack of personnel.
  • 02
    "Limitations of Auditing Techniques"
    Recently, fraud/corruption techniques have been specialized and advanced, therefore, general audit techniques have been limited. For effective auditing, a new type of auditing technique that uses the digital forensic-based investigation method used by the investigation agencies such as the prosecution became necessary. However, auditors do not have opportunities to learn new auditing techniques.
  • 03
    "Non-Independence of Audit"
    The staff of the audit office is in charge of circulation as well as the staff of other departments. For this reason, the audit office staff can not ignore their relationship with other departments, and there are practical difficulties that can only be subject to tangible and intangible pressure from the target.
Top 3 Core Values

HM attaches importance to 3 core values ​​to solve realistic difficulties of auditing team.

01"Flexibility of Business Processing"
HM Company effectively responds to the difficulties of the auditing team by responding flexibly to the situation through consultation with the audit team when new issues arise due to changes in the company's circumstances, even if the contract is concluded for specific audit objectives.
02"Expertise in Audit Techniques"
HM Company provides a one-stop service from data collection to analysis; through collaboration with digital forensics experts, accountants, and lawyers. In particular, HM effectively supports the audit team by utilizing digital forensic techniques to recover deliberately deleted files, decrypt encrypted files, and find hidden files.
03"Objectivity of Audit Results"
The most important thing in auditing is the assurance of objectivity of audit results. To this end, HM maintains a third-party independent perspective and makes transparent reporting without any hesitation.